Buy Crypto

You want  to invest in crypto? But you don’t know where to start?

Crypto-Awareness is dedicated to help newcomers and advanced players alike, trying to keep everything as easy as possible for you.

You have to buy Cryptocurrencies with Fiat money. (USD, EUR, CHF)

To do so you should select a trusted exchange with low fees and ease of use.

Here are my personal recommendations: 

Binance Logo.png

Biggest Crypto Exchange, Ideal for daily use. 

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Buy on Binance

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Decentralized, low fees, fast, easy to use.

Very Good.

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Almost every payment method is accepted here,

including Paypal. Learn More...

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Coinbase logo.png

Many Users for many years, however not my favourite anymore.

because of to many outages. Learn More...

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Once you have selected which cryptocurrency to buy (probably Bitcoin or Ethereum if it is your first time) and you have paid for them, a Wallet will be created on the website where the coins are held.

From here you have a few options.

1) If you want to start Trading, you have to send your crypto to an Exchange.

2) If you want to keep your coins safe, put them in a cold Wallet.

3) Or you can leave the coins on the site where you just bought them (not recommendable)