3 Commas Trading Platform.

3Commas is a crypto-trading platform that not only simplifies trading on the crypto exchanges thanks to various tools, but can also make a decisive contribution to generating higher profits and minimising losses. The various tools range from so-called "smart trades" to the creation of automated trading bots and the copying of successful trading strategies. In this article we will take a closer look at how this works.

With more than 30,000 members, 3Commas is one of the largest trading platforms that allows simultaneous trading on more than 10 crypto exchanges simultaneously via API interfaces. Why is this such a great advantage? Crypto exchanges like Binance or Bittrex do not always offer the same coins for trading. Of course, the well-known ones like Bitcoin or Ethereum can be found on every imaginable exchange. However, if you want to trade IOTA, for example, or trade somewhat less well-known coins, you are already forced to register on different exchanges. The constant jumping back and forth between these exchanges quickly makes trading confusing, which can lead to errors. Here you can trade on 12 different exchanges simultaneously, with only one interface! But not only that:

In contrast to conventional exchanges, the platform offers many functions to give you an advantage over the masses when trading and thus maximize your profits.

Connection with over 10 Exchanges

The connection of your stock exchange accounts is done via API interface. You can connect up to 12 different Bitcoin trading providers and crypto exchanges. The highest possible security precautions are taken, because after all this is very sensitive data. How the connection to the respective exchanges works in detail will be explained on the respective exchanges, but we will also be happy to help you with the setup.

We have already received several inquiries regarding the security of the system. Of course we can't give any guarantee, but so far we haven't had any problems. Furthermore it is not possible to withdraw money from 3 Commas. There you rather hear about several hacks on stock exchanges directly, through which customers lost their money. That's why we always recommend to have only as much money on the exchanges as you use for active trading and to park the rest e.g. on hardware wallets.

3Commas Conclusion

While in 2017 most people were interested in quickly participating in the hype and buying anything that even remotely had to do with the Blockchain, in 2018 they returned to the ground. It is no longer as easy as it used to be to make huge profits in this market by simply buying, holding and selling at a big profit... This is where 3 Commas come into play.

The trading platform 3Commas gives every user a certain advantage over the masses. Various tools not only simplify Bitcoin trading. Above all, they help to better seize opportunities and minimize risks. We have often experienced ourselves that we simply missed good trading opportunities because we did not constantly observe the market. 3Commas simplifies this a lot, because meanwhile more than 12 stock exchange accounts can be connected to the trading platform and you can control everything from one interface.

A very big advantage is also the so-called Smart Trades. Here you have much more possibilities to manage your trades than you can do on the exchanges themselves. With the Trailing Stop, for example, you can take higher profits and minimize your risk. You can plan multiple entries and exits etc. All points that can significantly improve your trading.

With trading bots you can make automated trades that allow you to take trades even when you are not at your computer. You also have the chance to simply copy already successful bots and realize profits.

The platform offers different memberships to offer everyone exactly what they need. A disadvantage is that the free trial period is only 3 days. However, during these 3 days you can already get a good overview of the functions and quickly see if the product is something for you or not.

Just give it a try by clicking here.

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