Blockfolio, Your Mobile Crypto Portfolio tracker.

What is blockfolio?

Blockfolio is a mobile app that allows users to view the latest crypto activities anytime, anywhere. It was one of the first apps designed specifically for tracking crypto activity. The Blockfolio? crypto tracker makes it easy to monitor the progress of your entire crypto currency portfolio.

The tool solves the problem of investors who have multiple crypto-currencies in different wallets and need to log in to many different accounts to check their balances. Blockfolio data is stored in a central location and tracks portfolio value across multiple exchanges. This is very useful as there are currently more than 3000 different coins in circulation and it is not easy to find price data on all of them. Blockfolio regularly updates the list of new coins, so you don't have to worry about the overview of new coins.

What functions does Blockfolio have?

Blockfolio competes for the best crypto-portfolio app with these compelling features

Create your own customizable homepage.

Cut through endless statistics on hundreds of coins and view only the coin data for those you're invested in.

With the crypto tracker, you can set price notifications that you can customize to alert you when a coin reaches a specific rating. Users can also be notified when a currency loses value.

This gives you the ability to take action if a crypto currency falls below a certain price point. Top Tip: Do not set the app alert on too many coins. Dozens of alerts every day will be annoying.

The application accepts different global currencies and supports over 3000 different crypto currencies.

It shows detailed information about coins using easy-to-understand cards. These statistics can be viewed over different time periods.

The blockfolio news bulletin. The "News" section allows users to follow the latest developments in the crypto currency industry. You can customize the RSS feed to add your favorite news publisher.

With theBlockfolio app you can fully customize your crypto currency tool and make it your own. We think the level of customization is great and it's fantastic to see that Blockfolio has accepted that one size does not fit all when it comes to tracking crypto currency portfolios.

Is Blockfolio safe?

Blockfolio is a secure application because you don't have to enter any private information into the app, and the crypto tracker will never ask you to enter your personal information to access your account. The sole purpose of Blockfolio is to help you track and keep your crypto currency portfolio up to date. Customer support also answers questions very quickly. We find it quite amazing to see that Blockfolio is a free app.

The only negative thing about this app is the possibility that Blockfolio will sell your trading data to third parties. This could be a security issue if you are a crypto whale and have a significant amount of a particular crypto currency in circulation.

Concerns about blockfolio of the app

The biggest problem with Blockfolio is that the application sells user-generated trading data. Many users have uninstalled the crypto-tracker for this reason. However, Blockfolio states in its privacy policy that the application does not sell, rent or trade individual personal data to independent third parties. You may sell, rent or lease aggregated data to third parties for research purposes.

Blockfolio is a free application, and we need to understand that it needs to generate revenue from anything to remain sustainable. After this privacy statement was released, many users came back to Blockfolio, but this issue is still a problem for many in the crypto-monetary community.

Another problem is that Blockfolio may list incorrect transaction prices, which can be caused by data inaccuracies or errors, and data errors can give the false impression that a crypto currency price is rising or falling. In some cases, this incorrect data can cause panic among users. However, Blockfolio is good at identifying data problems and is very transparent in social media. Also, it must be said that these data problems do not occur often and that is by and large not such a big deal. Sure, day traders might have a temporary heart attack from incorrect blockfolio data, but it's not such a big problem for the rest of us.

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