Cointiply. Best Paying Crypto Faucet out there.

A Bitcoin Faucet is something like a "digital money faucet". Most of the time you can collect Bitcoins every hour. Most of the time, you don't have to do anything else than to solve a captcha, i.e. to confirm that you are not a robot. You will get fractions of a Bitcoin, but there is also the possibility to get more Bitcoins by chance. Some Bitcoin Faucet providers also offer additional ways to collect more Bitcoins. For example, the largest Bitcoin Faucet provider cointiply offers several ways to earn free Bitcoins. You can answer polls, watch advertising, play games and much more, and you will be rewarded in Bitcoin. Regular and disciplined participation is rewarded with a bonus and can make the whole thing even more lucrative. Another special feature is that cointiply pays out 5% interest on the credit balance every week. This makes cointiply attractive for holding coins on cointiply and also for depositing already purchased bitcoins.

At cointiply you will be paid in "Coins". These are linked to dollars and are then converted into Bitcoin at the current Bitcoin price. 10,000 coins correspond to one dollar.

The best way to find out how profitable Cointiply, is by testing it.

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