Cryptohopper. Bot with Monthly Subscription.

Investors often find themselves confronted with thousands of pages of research to base their trading on. The idea behind Cryptohopper was to solve exactly this problem. Having to consider so many different factors is extremely challenging. Can an automated system help make this task easier?

The thought of how robots could be used to simplify the complexity of investment decisions resulted in the creation of Cryptohopper. In the investment world, a fraction of a second can be enough to completely change a price. The human ability to make the best choice between a variety of commodities, stocks and currencies is quite limited.

The Cryptohopper Bot reduces these limitations, as market updates can be processed in seconds to make the best informed decisions. But is this bot as accurate and effective as it is displayed? We will take a closer look at this and much more in this guide.

Why do we use Cryptohopper?

One problem that affects many bots is a lack of trust and that you cannot choose your broker yourself. With Cryptohopper, it is up to you to decide which of the leading crypto exchanges on offer you choose.

Cryptohopper is probably the most transparent bot in the crypto currency marketplace. Since the founders are well known and in the public eye, the legitimacy of the bot remains beyond doubt.

The selection of available resources on the bot homepage is huge and well structured. Users can register for the Bot Academy, access free courses and complete them before trading starts.

How does Cryptohopper compare to other robots?

There are many unique features available on this bot that put its competitors in the shade. These would be for example:

Best of Artificial Intelligence: To bypass the weakness of human emotions, support logical results and boost overall profitability, intelligent Smart Trading has been made possible.

Risk-free paper trading: This feature is automatically turned on for new users to familiarize themselves with the bot ecosystem without losing real money or tokens.

Integration of rare exchanges: Unlike many other bots, several leading exchanges offer integration. Currently Cryptohopper has 9 leading exchanges, with the prospect of more.

Unique Back Testing: Users who have developed their personal trading strategies can use this feature to test their strategy in the demo account setting. This way it becomes clear whether they can be successful.

Traiding Stop Loss: At a certain level the bot will activate the stop loss function to protect your profits.

Access to free trading strategies: Proven and well known trading strategies are available for free on this bot.

Experienced users can create custom hoppers: Users have the ability to create their own custom hoppers on the bot. You can even sell them on the bot marketplace later.

Low minimum deposit: The bot also allows deposits as low as $50. Although this amount is allowed, a capital of $400 is recommended to boost profits.

Arbitrage is offered: Users can make profits by trading tokens based on cross-platform differences in market prices.

Automatic cross-platform compliance: Users can access the bot on any platform. Cloud-based configuration on the bot allows anyone to log in when using mobile or smart devices.

Conclusion: Cryptohopper

It is true that many different bots are available on the crypto currency marketplace. Cryptohopper, however, is the most transparent, credible, and well-planned bot currently available. With its marketplace it offers paid and free trading strategies from which its users can benefit.

While the homepage does not promise specific daily profits, a capital of $400 is recommended to maximize profits. After copy trading and mirror trading are available on the platform, you can repeat the success of other market leaders in crypto investments.

If you want to give Cryptohopper a try click here.

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