CryptoTab - Bitcoin Mining with the browser

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In this review we will deal with the CryptoTab Browser. It is a normal internet browser that additionally helps you to earn Bitcoin with the processing power of your computer. It is a mining pool that uses the collective power of all users and shares the earnings with them. You need and use an Internet browser every day anyway. So you can also take advantage of this free opportunity and earn some money on the side in the form of Bitcoin. Exactly how much money you will earn with the CryptoTab browser is hard to say. It depends among other things on which device you use. But you only have to install the browser once and after that it won't bother you anymore. Therefore it is worth it in any case. According to the provider of the mining browser this mining tool works for both Mac and Windows operating systems. There is even an Android app available. So most internet users have the possibility to use the CryptoTab browser. What is CryptoTab Mining? The CryptoTab Browser is a free internet browser. It is lightweight and has the integrated functionality to mine Bitcoin in the background. The browser offers numerous possibilities for customization. This is done through extensions, some of which are practical and others are only for design purposes. According to CryptoTab, the computing power of the browser is eight times faster than that of Google Chrome. Download and Installation Downloading and setting up the mining browser takes less than a minute. The developers stress how easy and fast the software is. You can even synchronize it with several devices. To do this, they simply log into their Google account and use CryptoTab only when they are logged in. You can also log in from different devices at the same time and use the same Google Account. How do you earn Bitcoins? After installing the software you simply use the Internet as usual. Your browser will be mining Bitcoin in the background and you will not even notice it. It all runs automatically and without reducing the performance of your device very much. Ideally, of course, you should always leave your computer and the CryptoTab browser switched on. If you are not actively surfing the web, you can turn off the screen to save power. Of course there is also an overview of how much you have already earned and helpful tips to increase your income. One of these tips is to invite friends to use the browser as well. If your friends also use CryptoTab, you will receive a small reward as a thank you. You should definitely use this option, because after all, everyone needs an internet browser and it doesn't cost any money. On the contrary, with this browser you even earn something and that even for free. Your friends will thank you for the good tip. How do payouts work? You can also withdraw your earnings at any time directly into a crypto-wallet of your choice. The minimum amount is very low and can be reached quickly. If you do not yet own a Bitcoin Wallet, I recommend my introduction to Wallets. It contains basic information about the different types of Bitcoin Wallets and various examples. If you are a beginner, simply use Coinbase. There you will get a Wallet with your free account. If you want to trade with your Bitcoin balance I recommend you to register an account with Binance. There you will also receive a Bitcoin address that can be used for deposits. Advantages of using CryptoTab It has a built-in BTC Miner. It is up to eight times more efficient than a Chrome Browser. Crypto Tab was developed on the basis of Chrome and can use all Chrome plugins. It has a 10-level recommendation program. Invite your friends to earn additional Bitcoin. DOWNLOAD CRYPTO TAB BROWSER HERE.

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