Daily Free Airdrop. Claim your "Hi dollar". It only takes 1 Minute a day.

A few Months ago i stumbled upon this Project called "Hi Dollar". They were claiming that you can earn 1 "Hi dollar" a day for simply answering a question.( to prove you are no bot/android/or whatever mechanical gender) The price at that moment was around 0.72$.

Registration is quick, KYC etc. does not take long. We will Guide you through the steps, to add it to your daily crypto routine. But before, we give you some data about "Hi dollar"

If you directly want to go to the registration, here is my invite only referral: https://hi.com/Archaonpash

So Since we started the Price has climbed to 1,40$.

The Daily claiming really just takes 1 minute and they also offer a nice referral program:

For every person you invite that daily claims their token you receive an extra 0.5 HI. Considering how easy it is, this can sum up at the end of the Month.

So here Are the steps for the Daily Airdrop:

1) Go to their Website: https://hi.com/Archaonpash

2) Go to the "Web App" Section

3) Click on "Sign Up".

4) After you Completed these Steps download the app for your Smartphone, it will make the claiming easier on the go, but alternatively you can use desktop version or even a telegram bot.

5) Start Referring your Friends, and earn on their claimings too.

There is a little catch however... your tokens will be claimable after 365 days. So do not hope to get rich over night. Patience is your friend, like in most investments in our life.

Here some other useful info:



Problems with KYC:


Contact: membersupport@hi.com

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