GamerHash. Mining Software for Gaming Gpu´s.

If you have a decent GPU, you are a gamer, or just want to do some mining from home with low effort, we have the solution.

Choosing the right Mining Software to unlock the full potential of your Graphic card is essential.

With many softwares on the market like nicehash, trex miner and gamerhash one has to choose which software suits the most.

With Gamerhash the setup is very quick and you can choose a few different coins to Mine - ETHEREUM - RAVENCOIN


Gamerhash will select the most profitable coin as default, however you can change the mined coin in the advanced settings.

Here the direct link to Gamerhash (of course with our referral)

Apart from the easy Installation and the uptime of 100% we experienced, Gamerhash has some other interesting feautures that convinced us on using it as our default GPU Miner.

- Earn extra GHS tokens monthly. those will be rewarded on a non disclosed timeframe distributed troughout the daz( to avoid bot exploitation)

- Easy Tasks to complete to gain some Extra rewards in GHS/BUSD etc.

Here are some screenshots on how this looks on our 3080ti Rig (unfortunately LHR)

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