Masternode Renting with YieldNodes.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

We at Crypto-Awareness are no financial advisors, and the following is purely based on personal experience. For all of those who are interested in Masternodes, but do not have the initial capital needed to create one, there is a solution: Yield Nodes Yield Nodes is a Masternode Pool where you can invest with a capital of minimum 500€, so very well suited for low-cap investors. They are on the Market for over 2 years now. They do not advertise much, because they prefer to not get overwhelmed with customers. Better a running system for a few, then a collapsing system for many. We personally understand that. They have Security Audits, the team is Transparent (you can even talk with the CEO on skype, not just for chatting, ´cause they got work to do!!)

They averaged a return of 10.1% Monthly in the Last 25 Months, which is a really good performance. If you are interested in Joining YieldNodes, we would be happy if you used our Referral Code, which grants us 5% of your total investment. The Referral system is rewarding but not exagerated. No Ponzi scheme, Multilevel Referral System, which is in favour od the DEV´s.

The Deposits you make are locked for 6 months and you can reinvest the earnings, to have a higher cumulative interest in the end of the year. here is their performance for the last 25 Months, in the picture is shown what your invested capital would look like:

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