Mobile Mining with Pi. Join other 6 Million for free.

Pi is a new digital currency that you can mine for free on your mobile phone, developed by a group of Stanford PhDs.

You can mine these cryptos with one click per day on your mobile phone. So you only need to go into the app once a day.

Everyone can start using it sooner the better. The app has been around for a year and a year ago you could collect 6 pi per hour. Now it's only 0.20 per hour and when you reach 10 million it drops to 0.10 per hour. Currently there are 6 million active users.

You can read more in the internet and think about it

Bitcoin also started like this 10 years ago, Bitcoin cost around 10 cents and 5 years ago around 100 euros - now it is over 7 thousand euros

According to some crypto websites 1 Pi has a value of 0.36 Cent.

Pi Network is not yet in the trading market but will most likely come the number of users is increasing incredibly in January there were 2.5 million and now 6 million!

The official website is

Invitation link

I also ask you to use my invitation code for Invitation code as you will get 1 pi at the beginning and your collection speed will increase to 0.25. In the app I am permanently active. You only need to enter archaonpash.

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