N26 Credit Card from Germany

Are you looking for a current account with free account management?

Then the N26 current account is just right for you.

You will receive a free Mastercard with your account, with which you can pay in all currencies without fees.

On request, you can also get a free Maestro card.

Furthermore, N26 offers an overdraft facility, but with very high conditions, so that the desired account frame is not available in most cases. So if you need a little more money than you have available, you have to resort to immediate loans.

All advantages at a glance:

- free account management

- free Mastercard

- free Maestro card

- the account is opened in 8 minutes

- Moneybeam - Real-time money transfers

- your account is protected up to 100.000 € by the German deposit insurance

- Push notifications of every account movement in real time

- apply for a free current account incl. MasterCard

In Germany, far more than 200 different banks, savings banks, cooperative banks and other credit institutions operate. This makes the German financial sector one of the largest in Europe. Many of these institutions can point to a tradition that goes back several generations. Others, on the other hand, have only been on the market for a relatively short time, but have nevertheless managed to establish themselves in the banking sector with its fierce competition and have won numerous customers. One of these banks is N26.

Who is the N26?

N26 is a direct bank based in Berlin. It was founded in 2013 and operates in the legal form of a limited liability company. The bank was founded as a FinTech start-up by Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal from Vienna and has been a success from the beginning. Already 12 months after the start, N26 Bank had more than 100,000 customers. From its foundation until 2017 it was called Nummer26 GmbH. Only since March 2017 has it borne the current name N26. Until N26 Bank received its own full banking license in June 2016, it used the license and service of Wirecard AG to conduct its banking business. The bank currently has more than 1 million customers in Germany alone and operates in 17 European countries.

What services does the N26 Bank offer?

All customers resident in Germany can open a current account (almost free of charge) with N26. The current account is accompanied by an EC card (Maestro Card) and a MasterCard credit card linked to it. With the Maestro Card, customers can withdraw money up to five times a month free of charge. In addition, customers can also withdraw money from the retail partners Penny, Netto, Aldi Süd and Toom from a purchase value of 20 euros up to 200 euros. Account management is free of charge. With the MasterCard credit card, money can be withdrawn at all designated cash machines worldwide. For the N26 basic account, a fee of 1.7 percent of the amount will be charged outside the euro zone.

Provided that the account holder has the appropriate creditworthiness, he/she will also receive an overdraft facility up to a maximum amount of EUR 5,000. The current interest rate for this is 8.90 percent.

What does the N26 current account cost?

There are no fees for opening the account. The current account is free for everyone. With the Maestro card, cash can be withdrawn up to five times a month. Each additional withdrawal is charged at 2 euros. Both the Maestro card (EC card) and the MasterCard credit card can be used to make free payments worldwide.

The N26 Black Giro account costs 9.90 euros per month in account management fees. The bank recommends this account for frequent travellers, because the MasterCard Black also allows free withdrawals of foreign currencies. It also offers extensive inclusive insurance cover (travel insurance, mobile phone theft, theft at ATMs, insurance cover for selected purchases).

The N26 Metal current account costs 16.90 euros per month in account management fees. It offers the same benefits as the N26 Black current account. Holders also benefit from preferential customer service and exclusive partner offers.

With all 3 types of current accounts, transfers in foreign currency can be made directly in the app using the TransferWise function.

I personally Use N26 Most of the time combined with my British Revolut Card.

If you want to give N26 a try click here.

You will receive a 10€ bonus after your first deposit.

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