Poolnode & Getnode. Same Same but Different.

Poolnode and Getnode both manage "Masternodes".

Considering the high deployment cost of Masternodes, these services aim to make them accessible for small investors alike.

The common features of PoolNode and GetNode

Basically PoolNode is operated by the same persons as GetNode. However, PoolNode is an independent club with a different charter than GetNode. I will come to the main differences in the next section.

Technically the member gets the same product at PoolNode as at GetNode. MasterNodes are also managed in the form of a pool and are distributed in the same intervals. (2x per month the pool distributions and 1x per month the affiliate commissions)

In some cases, the user is supported and managed by the same support staff. Also the PoolNode Club has a service contract with GetNode LTD. This company operates the club's systems and carries out the payouts.

A PoolNode member can advertise a GetNode partner with his Affiliate ID using a different URL. At the same time a GetNode member can recruit a PoolNode partner. This is how the partner links differ:

GetNode: https://club.getnode.io/?r=P127l8070

PoolNode: https://club.poolnode.club/?r=P127l8070

Immediately recognizable, both addresses use the same partner IDs and different addresses.

So much for the similarities and their possibilities, now it's about the differences.

The differences of PoolNode and GetNode

At first glance, the two providers are quite similar, but what makes the difference?

For one thing, there is the minimum deposit amount. With GetNode this is 1000 Euro or 0.2 Bitcoin. With PoolNode it is 1000 Euro or 0.015 Bitcoin. The 1000 Euro are the same because the process of exchanging Euro to Bitcoin is "still" done manually by GetNode or PoolNode. This is not worth the effort.

So if you don't want to test the master node pool with 0.2 Bitcoin right away, PoolNode with 0.015 Bitcoin is an inexpensive alternative to get started. Unfortunately, a 0.015 Bitcoin member usually generates the same effort as a 0.2 Bitcoin member. For this reason the cost structures differ between PoolNode and GetNode. With GetNode the customer receives 75% (25% administration and affiliate deduction) and with PoolNode 65% (35% administration and affiliate deduction). So the price for the low priced entry is just under 10% off the profit.

The results are still impressive and the lower price makes it easier to recommend. In the spirit of fairness, which we already know from GetNode, everyone still only earns money if the customer wins. 100% of the amount is still paid into the pool and invested in master nodes.

The activation at GetNode currently takes between 10 and 14 days. At PoolNode it can take a few days longer depending on the turnover. It is always collected for a while and then booked together. So you should have a little patience.

Conclusion about PoolNode

The idea of PoolNode as an independent club next to GetNode, with its own cost structure and brand, was also a wish of many existing partners at GetNode. The possibility to promote GetNode as a PoolNode partner and vice versa offers an enormously high degree of flexibility to all parties involved. We can recommend PoolNode and GetNode in our Masternode pool provider comparison with a clear conscience.

Of course, a customer can deposit more than 0.015 Bitcoin at PoolNode, but from 0.2 BTC on it is more worthwhile to join GetNode.

Many people have been waiting for the cheaper version of GetNode, we are curious how well it is accepted.

I have personally invested 15% of my portfolio in Masternode pools.

If you are interested in testing it yourself click here:



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