Publish0x. Earn by Publishing.

Publish0x is a crypto-powered blogging platform. Not the first, not yet the biggest, but unique. But the most urgent answer first: Publish0x is spoken with silent 0x, Publish [ˈpəbliSH].

Earn cryptocurrencies

Publish0x can be explained most simply as a blog platform in the style of medium on which authors and readers earn equally, but not equally, much. There are three ways in which users can earn crypto money:

Earn crypto money by reading

No one expects you to believe, just try it... we provide the crypto money - if you were worried about exchanging your hard-earned euros into crypto currency (nobody blames you for that) you can start with us. How does it work? We provide a pool for "tips"; you decide how much the author has earned and how much you get. Yes, exactly what it says there is meant ;)

At the end of each post, if you are logged in, you will find a slider:

Earn crypto money by blogging as Publish0x author

Authors earn money here if their readers think it's right (part of the tip pool is available for free to readers), using the slider at the end of each post.

Although anyone can register as a reader, it would be nice if we could build a community of authors who make contributions worth sharing.

(Earn crypto money by sharing good articles

Become a Publish0x ambassador and be rewarded for passing on good posts to those who enjoy reading them: 5% of every tip a visitor you refer goes to you. To give you an overview there will be rankings and competitions for the most active ambassadors. Your place on the leaderboard will give you earlier access to posts that have a bounty on them (unfortunately Publish0x is still in development and these two points are "coming").

Publish0x ambassadors can attach their ambassador code to each post and be rewarded for sharing good posts. By the way, the best ambassadors are those who know how to share good posts - there is no need to write good posts yourself ;)

Publish0x becomes crypto-agnostic

Other crypto-powered blogging platforms use only their own tokens and call this decentralized while the balance of power is clearly shifted in favor of the operators. Publish0x will have a variety of different tokens available as tips (please be patient: the platform is still in an early beta stage and currently uses Bounty0x. There are things in development that are more urgent than integrating 2071 crypto currencies, of which only a handful are in everyday use and only about 50-60 have a real future perspective.)

The team has experience ("Bitcoin Aliens")

A blogging platform on which everyone who wants it can get free money to give it to the author or to put it in his own pocket, yes of course, the 01. April is not for three months ;)

Since 2014, the team behind Publish0x has given away more than 1090 Bitcoin (at today's prices this is around 3.7 million Euros; at peak prices of 2017 this was 21.25 million Euros). In their own estimation, Publish0x is not an experiment but a long-term plan with existing partnerships and a budget to make the vision a reality. It doesn't look like that yet, but something big is being built behind the scenes.

Take a look at the roadmap to see how Publish0x is going to proceed. From time to time this map will be updated and adapted to new developments and goals.

Give it a try by clicking here.

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