Steemit. Earn Crypto with Blogging.

What's Steemit?

Steemit is a social network based on block chain technology. So every posting is stored in the block chain.

Another special feature of the network is the fact that users are paid for their posts. Payment is made according to the number of Likes via Steem's own currency.

On Steemit you will find a number of different posts: Photos, worth knowing information and discussions about crypto currencies are the most frequent entries, but bloggers can also be found in the network. So the posts are mixed, the content of the platform is somewhere between Reddit and Facebook.

You can also share videos via the Steemit network. With its own interface you can also just show videos, so it is also an alternative to YouTube.

As already mentioned, the Blockchain is the backbone of the Steem-Network. This means that all information such as posts on Steemit is stored in the block chain. This means that different user interfaces can access the same block chain and thus display the same data in different ways. For example, the page only shows videos from the block chain.

Earn money with Steemit - is that possible?

The big question now is: Can I earn money with it?

The answer is: Yes, you can. Whether you get rich with it is of course another question.

If another member rates your posts positively, you will receive Steem-Coins, which you can transfer to your account after one week and then change into any other currency. But this has the significant disadvantage that the Steem-Coins are subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

Depending on how many users have uploaded your mail, you will be paid a different number of Steem-Coins. How many currency units you actually get depends on several factors, such as the weighting of the individual votes that have licked your mail.

The Steem network is unlikely to be a real source of income, as Steemit is unlikely to generate large sums of money or provide a secure income.

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