Tutorial : Create Account on Binance.

Updated: May 27, 2020

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange Platform launched in july 2017. It´s Actually the biggest cryptocurrency Exchange in the world. On Binance you cannot buy cryptocurrencies directly with your Fiat money (EUR, USD) but you can deposit BITCOIN or any other cryptocurrency available on Binance. If you don´t have any Bitcoin (needed in our case) you can check the tutorial how to buy Bitcoin to buy your first Bitcoin, and get started in the cryptocurrency world. - Binance has very low trading fees (0,1%). - The website is constantly improving, adding new content, and the support is better then compared to other exchanges. First you have to navigate to https://www.binance.com Once you are on the website Click on the register button, like showed in the picture below.

You will have to enter your email address and choose a password. (we highly recommend a secure password, made of Capital letters numbers and signs, and to copy the password to a text file, to ensure you never lose it) Never share your password with anyone, binance.com will never ask for your password.

We higly recommend to activate the additional 2FA (two Factor Authentication). For this you need Google Authenticator. STEP 2 Deposit BTC After the registration you are able to deposit your BTC. You will have to go to “ Funds” and select “Deposits Withdrawals” like shown in the picture below.

From here you have to choose deposit. You can search for the currency you want to deposit (in this case Bitcoin, BTC). Important note: never deposit a cryptocurrency that is not meant for the wallet. Example: if you send ETH (Ethereum) to your BTC (Bitcoin) wallet, all funds will be lost.

Once you found your chosen cryptocurrency and clicked “deposit” you will see your deposit Adress. This is your online wallet for Bitcoin, and like mentioned in the important note ONLY FOR BITCOIN. STEP 3 Send your BTC to the exchange´s Wallet.

That´s it.Good Luck

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